Art plan for Finansparken

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Artists may register their interest of commissioned artproject for the atrium in the new Head Quarter of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank in Stavanger.

Connected with the construction of Finansparken in Bjergsted, an art committee has been established. This committee has been tasked with developing an art plan, used to accomplish high-quality art projects for the building.

The art plan is now ready, and a full copy can be found in pdf format here. The first step in the plan is to implement an art project for the atrium in Finansparken. The date for completion of the art project is before 1 July 2019.

Artists wishing to participate in the competition for the project, is asked to submit their interest through this open pre-qualification. The pre-qualification will identify four artists or artist groups that will be invited to the competition. Interested artists is kindly asked to submit their interest via our online application form here.

Material Requirements:

  • CV (max 3 pages) delivered as PDF. / Presentation of previous works delivered as PDF (max 10MB).
  • The art committee does not want any idea proposals for the art project in this pre-qualification round.
  • Deadline for inquiries is 20th of December. Contactperson is Hege Tapio.
  • Deadline of submission for the pre-qualification 15th of January 2018.
  • Selection of artists invited to the competition 15th of February 2018 .

Our vision

The art in Finansparken should contribute to a coherent aesthetic design and provide artistic experiences for all the users of the building. The art may support the vision for Finansparken as “an arena for value creation”.

Art projects may be standalone or integrated into the building. Art projects should be seen in the context of the area, the building and the architect’s vision.

The purpose of the art projects is to give users and visitors the opportunity to experience art in their contact with the corporate group. Finansparken wishes to contribute to increased well-being by offering art experiences. Through a varied art collection, the corporate group will contribute to active art dissemination and increased understanding of art.

Criteria for the choice of art

The art committee will apply Public Art Norway’s (KORO’s) best practice guidelines to oversee projects for art in public buildings and outdoor spaces. The art plan will serve as a tool for this work.

When selecting art for the corporate group, the requirement of artistic quality should be the primary consideration, whereby innovative art should be emphasized, the art should be adapted to the character and function of the place and the architecture, and users’ interests should be taken into account.

Visual material for the atrium